Identity Verification on a New Level

Identity Verification on a New Level: MGT Partners Up With German-based Nect GmbH

Meremus German Technologies (MGT) GmbH, provider of digital compliance solutions for regulated markets, announces that Nect GmbH has joined its partner portfolio.

Nect GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the most reputable solutions for online identity verification and authentication, with some ten million registered users and serves clients ranging from insurance companies via telecommunication businesses to e-government platforms. With its Nect Ident-service, Nect GmbH provides a fully automated digital online verification solution and is the holder of a certification as a Digital Trust Module by the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur).

MGT is proud to have acquired another strong partner with a firm reputation and international expertise and experience and is looking forward to bring integrity solutions and data security to a new level together.

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